Hospitals in Mexico

We offer you only the best hospitals in Mexico with state-of-the-art medical technologies, the latest equipment, and an unparalleled level of service that are listed among the world's best clinics. Choose Cancun or Playa del Carmen hospital for childbirth and enjoy top-notch medical care and exceptional service.
Cancun is a major hub for international medical tourism. Key specialties include dentistry, aesthetic medicine, orthopedics, and recreational medicine. Currently, there are 22 high-level medical service providers and over 700 doctors operating in Cancun, many of whom have received training in the USA, Canada, or Europe. The clinics are staffed by highly qualified personnel, and services are offered in multiple languages.
Hospital Galenia
The "Galenia Hospital" is the only clinic in Cancun that has been awarded three international accreditations. This modern medical complex is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and qualified physicians. In 2016, Galenia Clinic opened fertility and oncology centers, along with the Sheraton hotel, specifically designed to accommodate clinic patients.

Hospital Amerimed
The "Amerimed" Clinic in Cancun is part of a network of 5 hospitals located in resort cities across Mexico. The Amerimed network specializes in serving foreign medical tourists, crews, and passengers of cruise liners, as well as international airline travelers. The medical services at the clinic adhere to standards accepted in the United States
    Hospital San Carlos
    The San Carlos hospital, located in Playa del Carmen, is equipped with modern technologies and is successful not only among the local residents but also among tourists. The clinic offers reasonable prices, and the service is maintained at a high level. The clinic even has a delivery room for water births, and the cost of this service does not exceed the cost of natural childbirth
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