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invest in the future of your family

"Cancun Mama" is a professional organization providing childbirth services in Cancun and Playa del Carmen. We help facilitate acquiring dual citizenship for your child and the entire family. World-class healthcare, high-quality service, and affordable prices.

Investing in the future of your entire family is a life changing decision.
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  1. Get Mexican citizenship for your child, allowing travel to 154 countries worldwide without a visa, including all European countries, England, Japan, Australia, Canada, and many others.

  2. The entire family - the baby's parents, grandparents, and siblings under 18 - obtain permanent residency immediately after childbirth and citizenship after two years.

  3. High-level specialists, comfortable rooms, modern healthcare, and favorable conditions for both mother and child.

  4. Sun – Sea - Beach! Year-round comfortable temperatures of +28-30 degrees, a favorable climate, a variety of fruits, and beautiful beaches. Your opportunity to give yourself a wonderful vacation, peaceful childbirth, and the health of the entire family!

  5. Mexico is a dynamically developing Latin American country with tremendous investment potential. Cancun and Playa del Carmen are among the top 10 resorts in the world. You can become a high-income real estate investor!

  6. Competitive prices for medical services - three times lower than in the USA, while maintaining service and quality in line with global standards.

Why Choose Us

Authoritative and Reliable

We have much to be proud of; over 500 families have turned to our company and received complete quality service and positive experiences. We value your trust and your choice of our company.

Law Abiding

We operate strictly within the legal framework of the United States of Mexico. We protect our clients from unwarranted risks

Affordable Prices

We provide services at fair prices, discuss payment arrangements, explain all expenses, avoid unnecessary services, and provide you with complete and accurate information because we possess it! Your time and resources are very valuable to us.

Round-the-Clock Support

Throughout your entire stay in Mexico, before and after childbirth, during the documentation process, and in any situation, our telephone support service is available for our clients. For emergency medical and other issues - available 24/7.
We select only high-quality healthcare and responsible staff for you. We collaborate with the best and most reliable clinics, and our birthing assistants have extensive experience in handling emergency situations. We ensure compliance with agreements with clinics and doctors. We value your peace of mind, and take care of the mother and baby every second of the way; from the onset of contractions until complete discharge from the clinic.

Thoughtful Solutions

We are professionals in solving any immigration and investment tasks in Mexico. For over 7 years, we have studied the market and laws. We always have several options for solutions, even ones for unconventional situations. We value your confidence in joint, thoughtful decisions.


For every client, we guarantee complete confidentiality at all stages of service provision. We take full responsibility for the preservation of information. Information is the most precious thing in our lives, and we will safeguard it with utmost care
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Important Information

Giving birth to your child in Mexico is a big responsibility
- take it seriously.
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